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Application deadlines

The extended application deadline expired on April 19. Check back for possible deadline extensions after April 20.

    General timeline for summer courses

    The following timeline applies to most of the SUN programs, however, there might be slightly different timelines in the case of a few courses. 

    • Application: First application deadline: March 22, 2021. Further deadlines and the late application policy will be posted on the course websites. 
    • Email notification about the decision: April - May.
    • Confirmation and Onboarding on the Applicant Portal: in two weeks after receipt of the acceptance notification. 
    • Access to the course-specific e-learning sites with readings and course outlines: end of April - end of May. 
    • Full tuition fee payment deadline: May 28, 2021 (for course-specific fee payment deadline see the course website).

    Courses with open applications and their late application policy