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It is the responsibility of all participants to take care of their visa applications. 

Do I need a visa?

Please check if your country falls under a visa obligation. 

How to start the visa application?

On receiving the notification about being accepted for the CEU Summer University program, you can start preparing for your trip.
We advise you to check the following pages:

What to do and when?

  • The Summer University Office provides the official invitation letter in the form of an offer, downloadable for admitted applicants from the Applicant portal. Please make sure you accept the offer on the Portal. Once you have accepted the offer, we will contact you with a detailed information letter.
  • Secure your visa interview date. You can do it via the relevant Embassy website or VFS Global visa centers right after getting your notification of acceptance.
  • The earliest date when you can submit your visa application is six months before, but not later than 15 days before the start of the intended visit. 
    IMPORTANT: CEU Summer University is not in the capacity, nor is it entitled to arrange interview date bookings for participants.
  • Check visa application requirements
  • Room reservation letters can be requested in the visa form in case you stay in the CEU Residence Center. If you stay elsewhere, you can ask your hotel to send it to you. 


  • Your visa can be refused if you do not provide all required documents, or if you are late with the submission of the documents. 
  • We strongly advise you not to buy your ticket before receiving the visa, as we cannot reimburse you for the canceled travel costs. 
  • In case you have a transit flight or need to make a stopover, please check whether or not you need a transit visa in the country where you change flights.
  • The SUN Office will contact all relevant Embassies to support participants’ visa applications. 
  • In case you apply for a short-term visa in a country where you have a residence permit or a visa, please make sure these are valid for 3 months after your Summer University course starts. Otherwise, you will need to have them extended before you can submit your visa application.