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It was extremely helpful to gain an in-person sense of which philosophical arguments participants found most pressing and forceful. [...] I feel like I did a semester-long seminar on laws in the span of a few days. Very enriching.

The History and Metaphysics of the Concept of Laws of Nature

Students are being impressively proactive in engaging with the professors and asking questions of each other and to the faculty. Maybe the best way I can illustrate how much I think they'll benefit from that is to say I'm learning from these conversations enormously.

Thom Scott-Phillips
Durham University
Cognitive Science

I love it a lot, it’s very interdisciplinary. People from very different perspectives talking about the same issue and that results in very interesting discussions and are very very rich.

Villius Dranseika
Vilnius University

 It's been a pretty fantastic opportunity to actually get to know people that you've been reading about for such a long time and you can finally actually talk to them and exchange ideas. Also, the organizers brought together quite a wide range of people that nobody would find at the same spot. That's great!

Christian Limanda
Lancaster University

What I have encountered so far is an amazing mix of people, coming basically working on the same topic, which makes it easy to talk. So we have a lot of common ground, yet disagreeing on many basic issues. And the thing I liked most about it was the appreciation of very different views and coming together and having this huge space and time to really talk about these disagreements in an appreciative way.

Katharina Helming
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

It's been a fantastic time at the Summer University. The most important thing at the University has been the opportunities to interact both with a wide variety of experts in the field, but also a large group of really excited students who ask a lot of great questions and are gonna push the field to where it is gonna go in the next generation.

Brian Leahy
Konstanz University

The best authors in the field were the instructors. The reading material was superb. The other students were brilliant. (Witchcraft Across Classical, Medieval, and Early-Modern Cultures in Europe)


The choice of topics and their presentation were really well done. The course has improved my orientation when it comes to quality concerns in higher education. Following the course, I feel that I have a more qualified and »peer-checked« perspective on quality-related matters at my own work and that I can thus contribute to any such discussions more confidently. (The Quality of University Education)


I would recommend this course to a colleague for several reasons: 1) the course director and other coordinators were hospitable and encouraging, 2) the readings and lectures were informative and engaging, 3) and the social interaction with other students, despite being online, was enriching. (Political Theology)


The course was very interesting and complete for the issues proposed. The level of the teachers was really remarkable and the didactic material proposed to the students perfect. (New Frontiers in Romani Studies)